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Paperless Schools

We are proud to present 'PAPERLESS SCHOOLS' concept with complete automation of School Administrative Processes viz Admissions, Fees Receipts, Parent Notices, Attendance Reports, Bonafied Certificates, I-Cards, Question Papers & Exams, Progress Cards, Leaving Certificates, Government Reports and Customer Feedbacks etc.

In today's fastly developing IT enabled world, its absolute necessity to implement your processes timely and accurately with the help of efficient IT solutions. School Admissions, Fees, Attendance Reports, Exams, Results, Parent Meetings need to be executed in timely and efficient manner. Information about students / schools / staff need to be kept on tip of finger for any kind of reports asked by Government / Parents / People / Press.

Our IT solution helps you to do exactly this. Please review the enclosed features list and give us a call. We look forward to establishing a long, mutually beneficial relationship with you as we want to establish it with every school in Maharashtra. Its a 'Go-Green Initiative' - "Go Paperless! Save Paper! Save Trees!"

Online Services for Schools (Principals & Administration)

These services enable various processes executed by Principals / Administrative Staff locally at every School / College Level.

  • E-Admissions – Online Admission forms for new / existing students (Including various Quotas and Reservations) with Accept / Reject authorities.
  • E-Receipts – Online Receipts of Fees paid at School. Ability to define installments and automatic reminders for Fees.
  • E-Enquiries – Online Enquiries about school, their responses, status tracking.
  • E-Suggestions – Online Suggestions from Parents / People for improvement of School processes.
  • E-Filing of Documents – Online storage of all student documents such as Birth Certificate, Leaving Certificate, Caste Certificate etc.
  • E-Notifications – SMS and Email notifications to parents about various events and curriculum activities being conducted in School / College.
  • E-Exams – Online question papers for students for various exams. Generate unique question paper for every student.
  • E-Reporting – Various online reporting tools for administrative staff to track :
    • Admissions / Status (General / Special Quota / Reserved)
    • Fees / Status (Paid / Pending)
    • Messages and Notifications to Parents
    • Attendance & Progress Cards
    • Bonafied Certificates
    • Question Papers
    • Enquiries and Suggestions
    • Identity Cards

Online Services for Parents

These services enable parents to track their child's progress in school. They also help parents to contact school for various administrative processes.

  • Apply online for admissions and track its status.
  • Receipts of various fees paid at School.
  • SMS and Email notifications from School (Inbox).
  • Online Attendance reports of their child.
  • Online Progress Cards of their child.
  • Online Bonafied Certificates.
  • Identity Cards issued by School.
  • Status of their enquiries and suggestions.
  • Single Login to track progress of multiple children in same School.

Online Services for Government Officials (Zilla Parishad)

These services provide various reports / information required by Government Officials (Zilla Parishad) in specific formats.

  • Class Wise Caste Wise Student Report.
  • New Admissions (Class Wise) Report.
  • Minority Students (Class Wise) Report.
  • New Admissions Report.
  • Caste Wise Class Wise Student Report.
  • Age Group Wise Report.
  • Education Medium (English / Marathi) Wise Total Report.
  • New Admissions List (Names).

Online Services for Administrative Officers

These services enable Administrative officers of Organization / Society to track processes across vaious schools of Organization / Society centrally using Super Administrative rights.

  • Admissions / Status.
  • Fees / Status.
  • SMS / Email notifications to Parents / Teachers / Admin Staff.
  • Attendance / Progress Card information of Students.
  • Online Student information for various ad-hoc reports.
  • Special approvals for admissions (if any).
  • Centralized database of all students across Schools of Organization / Society.
Paperless Schools - School Automation